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Varnish Cache, Redis, QueryBoost, and Docker Compose integrations for cPanel & WHM

About Docker for cPanel

The Docker plugin for cPanel & WHM opens a new window opportunity for rapid app development and deployment for both casual and advanced cPanel users. End users can compose and deploy simple or custom apps via Docker from the comfort of their cPanel accounts with a couple of clicks.

  • Docker for cPanel leverages Docker Compose
  • Non-priviledged Linux namespacing for extra security
  • Containers run within the cPanel user's resources quota
  • Docker for cPanel accelerates development

The Docker for cPanel Plugin brings you Docker and Docker Compose, an extensible app build and ship tool, and unleaches its full potential on cPanel WHM. The plugin automatically installs Docker and Docker Compose, integrates it with your cPanel & WHM server, and secures it so your end users can run their apps without needing privileged or root access nor your day to day support. Resources used by Docker apps are ultimately accountable to the users and are therefore compatible with CloudLinux.

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We provide a variety of pricing brackets suitable for all budgets. Longer term billing tends to pack more savings. DC bulk pricing is available too.

1 Month

$20per month

  • Cancel at anytime
  • Free ticket-based support
  • Powers unlimited accounts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Owned License Paid Once

$300paid once

  • Pay once & own it forever
  • Free one-time installation
  • From $15/year upgrades
  • Lock-in price indefinitely